\After seeing 500 venues, Today I will tell you the secret of the location of the children’s kart hall!-zxcb

importance of a good

The importance of a good location for running a children’s go-kart is self-evident

How to choose the right place?

How to avoid stepping on pits in site selection?

After hundreds of site selections,

Today, I will tell you the ultimate secret of location selection.

From now on, you no longer have to worry about not being able to choose the right place.
1.Flow > Area > Price


Among the factors that determine a location, foot traffic should be the first consideration.Almost all HVFOX Karting stores across the country are located in densely populated commercial complexes.Because of the huge natural flow of shopping malls, the store business will be guaranteed.

We have seen many badly run kart venues, with huge area (several thousand square meters) and ultra-low rent, but they are located in desolate suburbs. After opening, they invest huge energy and cost to drain traffic. The difficulty of operating it can be imagined.
2.There are many opportunities in the sinking market


When everyone is competing for the market in first- and second-tier cities, new entrepreneurs may wish to turn their attention to the sinking market in the western region or county.The rapid rise of Pinduoduo has proved to us the huge consumption potential of tier cities.

Low rents, concentrated business districts, low labor costs, and few potential competitors are the reasons why we choose to sink into the market.

3.Smart timing, dare to buy bottoms

imrtance of a good

Chinese people have a Chinese New Year plot. They do not invest at the end of the year. After the Spring Festival in February, they will plan investment projects for the next year.As everyone knows, most of the shopping mall complexes are also undergoing format adjustment at the end of the year, and many business opportunities are waiting for you to explore.When the spring flowers bloom next year, many entrepreneurs will enter the venue, and good shops will be hard to find.

4.Learn to use, HVFOX Karting headquarters assists in site selection


Up to now, HVFOX Kart has established in-depth cooperation with all large-scale commercial complexes in China.The first time to push high-quality shops to cooperative operators and strive for the best price.Faced with a large number of shop resources every day, after our careful selection, we recommend only those shops with profit potential to entrepreneurs.

Location! Location! Still the location!

Choose a high-quality berth,

This is the first question every entrepreneur faces.

It is also the most challenging part。

HVFOX kart, helping entrepreneurs to select and confirm the location,

Let every partner win at the starting line!

Post time: Jul-01-2022