Based on the present, infiltrating deeper and farther

With the increasing brand influence of the red-tailed fox, the company is also gradually promoting the penetration of the brand into foreign markets. Recently, the company’s foreign trade business has been making rapid progress, and not long ago, it was pleased to mention 300,000 orders in the European market.

Professional Karting and Track

Qingdao Xingzhihe Power Technology’s foreign trade plate to

Kart and Kart track export, 

professional services,

high-quality products

and good faith after sale

for the purpose of winning the trust of our customers.. 

farther1 farther2 farther3

Further release of independent research and development capabilities, and a scientific and complete supply chain system

New design, taking into account beauty and comfort

Revolutionary upgrade of the engine, the integrated design of the wheel hub engine is used to fully wrap the fuselage, providing more power

The shell material has been fully upgraded, which is anti-collision and anti-pressure


Our track has added the elastic buffer device, even if the impact, will not cause damage to the body and track. Security has been greatly improved. 

Quality is the foundation, integrity is guaranteed

We are a warm-hearted company, and it is our service tenet to listen carefully to the demands of customers. First of all, we have a deep understanding of the various situations of customers, and then customize the design of the track according to the specific requirements of customers. Every order that is traded goes through a long communication process.

Adhering to the principle of quality-oriented and integrity assurance, we enjoy wide acclaim in the industry, and we will soon reach millions of orders with several prospective customers.

Post time: Sep-01-2022