Come on, the little go kart driver is cool, OK! what?

Come on, the little go kart driver is cool, OK! what? Go karts still need training? Don’t you know how to drive a go kart with your hands? You still need training. I have to step on the accelerator to dominate the competition!

When asked about the education and training of go karts, most people scoffed. Oh, come on, you can walk when you are born. Those children and children are all crossing the river by feeling the stones before they run on the track, which requires some professional teaching and training guidance.


After doing relevant market research, it is not difficult to find that the current kart training in the market is mixed, ranging from the teaching before karting to the establishment of relevant courses.

Without professional training, there will be many problems when driving a go kart, such as operation problems, driving skills problems, safety problems, including safety clothing, helmets, safety belts, etc. The occurrence of relevant problems will not only damage the go kart itself, but also threaten the physical and mental health of young people. Industry manufacturers, including children’s parents, are afraid of this, so karting training is inevitable!


In some go kart enterprises that have begun to take shape, they have begun to systematize gradually. Taking STEAM education as an example (this steam is not the other one, manual dog head), S science, T technology, E engineering, A art, M mathematics, taking cars as carriers, using customized intelligent electric karts as teaching aids, according to the whole process of vehicle system design, research and development, manufacturing, assembly, debugging, etc.

Adhering to the STEAM education concept, we are committed to training comprehensive talents with scientific, technical, engineering, artistic and mathematical abilities.


The on-site professional teaching guidance is the main part, and the video course is the auxiliary teaching, which greatly increases the fun of the activity; Let the children participate in the assembly in person, which is not only to improve the children’s hands-on ability, solidarity and cooperation, but also to let these flowers of the motherland know that they have little to gain from the paper, and know that they must practice this matter, which is also of practical significance for their future study and life; Through the training of the curriculum, the children, in the process, face the difficulties and constantly shape and strengthen their perseverance character.


The market of karting training is constantly advancing. As insiders, we should also constantly improve ourselves, improve the level of the industry, and strive to convey the concept of professional safety, so that children can grow up healthily and happily in the sun!


Post time: Dec-30-2022