Formula 1 cards arrive in San Francisco

        Have you ever dreamed of becoming a race car driver? Do you have a black and white checkered flag that just got dusty? Come to San Francisco this summer and satisfy your need for speed in Formula 1 style.
       Starting September 30, you can get behind the wheel of a state-of-the-art go-kart on a winding track.
        “Get out on the track and feel the breeze as you blast past your opponents in tricky corners and tight corners,” the Eventbrite description reads. “You will feel like a real racer, fighting for the first place in the leaderboard.”
        According to the organizers of the event, this “adrenaline activity is designed to tap into your inner speed demon” and push your driving skills to the limit. It’s also an opportunity to network with racing fans and make thrill-seeking friends. Experienced riders may have an advantage, but a team of experienced kart riders are ready to pass on advice to a newcomer. If you’re used to being crowded at the 101 Freeway junction on Cesar Chavez Street, you’re ready.
       It has long been considered an “authentic” Chinese restaurant, perhaps by a joking metric.
       Gov. Gavin Newsom has made a serious effort to rehabilitate the prisons, but can it be done in two years and for only $20 million?
        Science fiction fans use the term with sarcasm, while critics of the city say the description is deadly serious. Some people just want the rent to go down.
       Maya Angelo and Carlos Santana star in a new documentary about the legendary leader of the United Farm Workers.
       In addition to the new location, owner Brian Tam said he has no plans to change the retro style of Loard’s Ice Cream.

Post time: May-25-2023