[Fox Travel] New appearance! — Exclusive mobility scooters in scenic spots, a new trend of smart travel!

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Fox Travels

In recent years, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has issued a series of policies to support the development of national smart tourism, proposing to speed up the construction of smart tourism scenic spots and improve tourism information infrastructure. A number of industry pioneers exploring the development of smart cultural tourism have been born from all over the country, and they use technology to enable all aspects of cultural tourism consumption. Moisten things silently to provide convenience for everyone, so that play more intelligent, more humanized, more scientific and technological.

Intelligent mobility scooter leader

“Fox Travel” belongs to one of the brands of Red tail Fox Enterprise. The head office integrates research and development, production and sales. Since the establishment of a supporting supplier of new energy electric vehicles in 2010, it has gradually expanded to the fields of go-kart, body fitness, scenic mobility scooter, and created three brands: Red Tail Fox Go-kart, Red Fox Fitness Sports Center and Fox Travel. Among them, Fox Travel focuses on serving the scenic mobility scooter business segment.

“Fox Travel” is committed to the development and implementation of scenic spot + Internet of Things mode, has a strong independent scientific and technological research and development team, collection of mechanical and electrical engineering, automotive design, network control system and other talents, in the design of mobility scooter excellence, continuous innovation, to provide the scenic spot with high performance, high safety of mobility scooter.

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Boost the development of scenic spots

“Fox Travel” scenic area sharing electric mobility scooter is fully in line with the key task requirements put forward in the Outline, to ensure tourism leisure time, improve tourism leisure experience, promote product innovation and upgrading, and help further stimulate the development of tourism and leisure power.

On the premise of ensuring the safety of tourists, different speeds can be set according to the needs of scenic spots and tourists, so as to optimize the leisure products and services of scenic spots, improve the fun of tourists’ travel in scenic spots, and better meet the tourism needs of tourists.

Product display

Red tail fox after decades of precipitation, Sandian independent research and development of a new upgrade. With the patent certificate imported environmental protection raw materials European standard EO level Internet of Things control and scanning code sharing management software. New vehicle modeling fashion novel streamlined design “Fox travel” mobility scooter!

trend of smart travel3Multiple patents + certification

trend of smart travel4Appearance display

trend of smart travel5Fox Travel scenic spot mobility scooter national investment cooperation:

It can be placed, it can be sold, it can be represented

– Independent research and development: from appearance design to software development, all have independent patent certificates. Internet of Things +, cloud management, mobile payment, big data processing, open and transparent, at any time to check earnings.

– Safety escort: speed limit cruise, intelligent collision avoidance, electronic fence, linkage switch, steep descent, flexible start, steep descent. All-round guarantee of tourists, so that scenic spots and tourists can rest assured.

– Professional management: Perfect on-site operation management system.

Post time: Nov-16-2022