Heart MOMENT — HVFOX kart racing It’s finally here!! Move the engine time! Boiling is near!

Heart MOMENT –

HVFOX kart racing

It’s finally here!!

Move the engine time!

Boiling is near!

Ready to go!

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In this crisp autumn National Day golden week, we ushered in the red tail fox small warriors Qingdao finals. On the kart track in Wuyue Square, parents and children’s enthusiasm for competition is overflowing. The game has not begun, the small players have begun to warm up, many people rubbing their hands, eager to try. With the host’s “start”, the kart race officially kicked off.

The benefits of go-kart

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Principle of the game

The most exciting kart race with the host of the order to open the curtain! 1. This competition is divided into children group (4-6 years old) and children group (7-12 years old) according to their age. 2. At the same time, there are two events in this competition: physical fitness and go-kart. Take the form of the sum of two timed scores, the shorter the sum, the better the score. Highlight the principle of justice and fairness, I hope the children do well in the competition.

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The race had begun

The game at the beginning of the game into a white-hot state, small players under the guidance of the adaptation to the field. After the countdown, the race began, and the competitors raced around the track amid cheers and chants. Every turn was accompanied by the roar of spectators from the sidelines.

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Intense rivalry

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Although some young players have not participated in the race, but it does not affect the love of young players for racing and the race is full of infinite power and desire.

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Moment of honor, proud boy

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You think we only have go-kart races?

Wrong! Not only do we have crazy go-kart races, but we have

Physical fitness competition

And many exciting trampoline events, baseball, golf and so on

Make your every play a new experience! 

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