HVFOX sports park is favored, before 11 is about to usher in a wave of opening small climax

After months of preparation, 15+ stores will be opened before October 1. In addition, there are five partners who have just reached cooperation, and I believe it will be less than three months to hear the good news about their opening.


I’m telling you right now,

The red-tailed Fox Sports Park is so popular.

HVFOX Sports Park is dedicated to the field of children’s sports and entertainment. Here, children can experience the excitement of go-kart drifting, release their vitality in the trampoline, find different kinds of fun in human-computer interaction, exercise courage in the high-altitude expansion, and enhance the relationship in parent-child interactive games. In addition, there are many possibilities, which can be customized according to the needs of partners.

HVFOX Sports Park with its own high-quality hardware facilities and high-quality soft supporting services, has been consistently praised by the majority of partners, is therefore able to attract a steady stream of partners.

Quality hardware project facilities

A variety of

Human machine interaction

Intelligent detection

Parent-child companionship

HVFOX sports park is favored1 HVFOX sports park is favored2

HVFOX sports park is favored6 HVFOX sports park is favored5 HVFOX sports park is favored4 HVFOX sports park is favored3
High quality soft supporting services
What we can give our partners is not only a brand, but really only 360° all-round support. From venue construction, team empowerment, to promotion and drainage, we help our partners realize their dreams of wealth in every step.
Here, all the successful cases of diversified profit models are real, credible and traceable.
Venue construction
Team empowerment
Promotion of drainage

HVFOX sports park is favored7

Let’s take a look at what new stores are opening!

Limited Space

Only part of it is shown here!


HVFOX sports park is favored8

Ankang Wuyue Store has entered the final stage of operation docking and is expected to officially open on September 16.

Featured items: Kart, VR, trampoline, Naughty Castle, sand pond



HVFOX sports park is favored9

The Fengcheng Wanda store is currently undergoing urgent renovation.


Super venue, feel the fun of car racing.


HVFOX sports park is favored10

Linyi Great environment stores have now entered the publicity preheating stage, soon to usher in the official opening.


Features: Kart, trampoline, watchtower, soft rock climbing, Naughty Castle

HVFOX sports park is favored11

HVFOX sports park is favored12

Tianjin Flamingo Hotel

HVFOX sports park is favored13 HVFOX sports park is favored15 HVFOX sports park is favored14

Xi ‘an Lehua City


Xi ‘an Lehua Hengye Happy World Park closed, just reopened today, the red-tailed fox also once again into the vision of visitors, the first day ushered in a small wave of customer flow.

HVFOX sports park is favored16 HVFOX sports park is favored18 HVFOX sports park is favored17
There are several other stores, but space is limited, so I won’t list them all here.
The other five customers who have just confirmed the cooperation have also entered the site selection docking stage. For more details, please keep an eye on our updates!

Post time: Nov-15-2022