The main trump card of Mini “electrocards” with overloaded senses and ferocious eyes

        This week, Mini unveiled the new Concept Aceman, exploring an electric crossover that will eventually sit between the Cooper and Countryman. Aside from the cartoony color scheme and highly distracting digitalization, the concept takes on a sharper and bolder Mini look with hexagonal headlights, over 20-inch wide arched wheels and big bold lettering up front. A simplistic, clean, leather-free interior and a huge infotainment dial give the interior character.
        “The Mini Aceman Concept represents the first look at an all-new vehicle,” Mini brand chief Stephanie Wurst said in an announcement this week. “The concept car reflects how Mini reinvents itself for an all-electric future and what the brand stands for: the feel of an electric kart, an immersive digital experience and a strong focus on minimal environmental impact.”
        The Mini’s “immersive digital experience” seems downright silly and redundant, but perhaps we’re just getting old and annoyed. For example, the internal “Experience Mode” system creates three special atmospheres through projection and sound. Personal mode allows drivers to upload a personal image theme; in pop-up mode, suggestions of navigational points of interest (POIs) are displayed; vivid mode creates letter-based graphics during traffic stops and recharge breaks.
       At some point between shifting and trying out these different modes, the driver tries to look ahead, focus on the road and drive towards the destination.
        If you thought that the digital atmosphere was left behind the doors of Aceman, you are in for a treat (or a disappointment). Ambient lighting is activated via external speakers, greeting drivers as they approach with a light and sound show that includes everything from a bright “cloud of light” to flashing headlights. When the door is opened, the show continues with floor projections, flashes of screen color on the OLED display, and even a “Hello friend” greeting.
        After all, irrelevant drivers assert themselves? Well… they drive. Get from point A to point B, presumably without a selfie or change of outfit. However, what propels the car forward remains a mystery, as the Aceman is really just a design exercise full of beautiful colors and lights.
        What we can determine from Aceman is the overall direction of Mini’s design language in the future of electrification. Mini calls it “glamorous simplicity” and the design is even pared down compared to the stripped-down styling of the all-electric Mini Cooper SE. A massive grille, defined only by its luminous green surround, sits between a pair of pointed geometric headlights, giving the concept some of the shoulders while still looking familiar “Mini”.
        Additional corners are installed throughout, especially in the wheel arches. Both the shelf above the floating roof and the rear lights feature the Union Jack, which is also repeated in all digital light shows.
        Inside, Mini puts more emphasis on simplicity, turning the instrument panel into a door-to-door soundbar-style beam, interrupted only by the steering wheel and thin round OLED infotainment screen. Below the OLED display, the Mini is physically connected to the toggle switch board for gear selection, drive activation, and volume control.
        The Mini has ditched the leather entirely and instead adorns the dashboard with a knitted fabric that’s soft and cuddly for comfort while also acting as a digital projection screen. The seats come alive with vibrant colors over a multicolored mix of jersey, velvet velvet and waffle fabric.
        Accordingly, the Concept Aceman will not debut at a motor show, but at Gamescom 2022 in Cologne next month. Those who want to immediately plunge into the world of Aceman can do so in the video below.

Post time: May-25-2023