Qingdao Xingzhihe Power Technology Co., Ltd—New HVFOX-06 Electric Go Kart Released


The hvfox electric go kart has obtained the EU CE certification with its excellent performance, and won the bronze medal of the 2021 "Mayor's Cup" Qingdao Industrial Design Grand Prix! As a cooperative brand of CCTV, HVFOX electric go kart has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign partners!


Today, there are more than 150 HVFOX karting training centers in China, covering more than 20 provinces, and overseas involving Asia, Europe, America and other countries.
Karts are constantly updated to bring customers a new driving experience, which is loved and recognized by the drivers in the market.


In order to bring a more exciting and comfortable driving experience to the karting driver, the R&D team of Qingdao Xingzhihe Power Technology Co., Ltd. has developed new products according to the market demand, and the electric kart No. 6 will be launched soon. It is expected that the HVFOX 6 will be launched in May 2022.


This model integrates core technologies and comprehensively upgrades the comprehensive experience. Compared with previous generations of products, The HVFOX-06 is more comfortable, with a new shape, fashion elements, and durability. It adopts a new intelligent operation APP system to adjust the power and speed at any time, and the maximum speed can reach 35km/h; the dual-integrated wheel hub Independent motor drive, high-speed and high-efficiency; intelligent distribution of power, effectively improving cornering performance; automotive-grade black gold sine wave drive controller, quiet, smooth, and efficient; super battery life, full power can run for three hours continuously!

Post time: Apr-21-2022