HVFOX karting officially entered the international market


Karting is a kind of highly playable racing car with high safety and racing characteristics. It does not require a driver's license and is very popular among people.
Karting belongs to the blue ocean market. As a new competitive entertainment project, it has quickly occupied the business circles and scenic spots of major cities in China in the past two years. The development of children's karts is particularly rapid. According to statistics, the market share of children's karts at the end of 2019 was 2%, and it reached 12% by the end of 2020. Driven by policies and market demand, the blue ocean market will become a red ocean just around the corner.


As a leading brand in the electric karting industry, HVFOX Karting has meticulously studied in terms of vehicles, skill training, event organization, and research and development. Give your child an immersive driving experience.
With the continuous growth of the domestic market, the HVFOX karting is actively expanding overseas markets, focusing on the world, and increasing product research and development efforts, technology upgrades, and successfully developed children's karts for the international market.


HVFOX series karts launched by the company, especially the HVFOX-05 pro, have an atmosphere full of texture, 2 patents, and an all-English field control system, which are deeply loved by overseas consumers. Soon after the product was launched, it received inquiries from many overseas customers and received orders in a short time.


Stimulated by the market, the HVFOX karting accelerates its entry into the international market, develops related products vertically and horizontally, and allows the HVFOX karting brand to go out of the country and to the world!
With our efforts, overseas trade has had a good start. At present, HVFOX karting has entered the European and American markets, and has cooperated with many foreign trade companies. Based on the European, American and Southeast Asian markets, it has gradually expanded to the world. HVFOX karting looks forward to more partners to join!

Post time: Apr-21-2022