Good news! HVFOX karting won the bronze medal of the 2021 “Mayor’s Cup” Qingdao Industrial Design Grand Prix!


The "Mayor's Cup" Qingdao Industrial Design Grand Prix was established in 2011. It is the highest government award in the design category of Qingdao and has been successfully held for five sessions. The theme of this year's Grand Prix is "Industrial Design Lights Up Qingdao Manufacturing". Entries are divided into two categories: product group and concept group. Give full play to the subjective initiative and creativity of the city's vast industrial enterprises, design institutions, institutions of higher learning and professional design talents. Comprehensively demonstrate the ability to improve the industrial design level of Qingdao and the industrialization of design achievements. To cultivate and develop industrial design industry with international standards and Qingdao characteristics. Promote industrial upgrading and structural adjustment.


The competition was launched in July and lasted for three months. HVFOX kart stood out from 406 entries from 143 units (individuals) and won the bronze award in the product group. At the awarding site of the "Mayor's Cup", the main creator of the HVFOX kart won the award certificate and trophy issued by the competition.


The award-winning work of HVFOX Karting in the competition is HVFOX-05. This product integrates core technologies, and the comprehensive experience is completely upgraded! The speed of the product has been significantly improved, up to 35km/h, bringing children a more realistic racing experience! The design is more streamlined and in line with aerodynamic performance.


HVFOX-05 has been greatly improved in decoration and practicality. On the basis of ensuring the consistency of the overall shape, the structural strength has been improved to meet the impact force of more than 100 kg and stand jumping.


In particular, the fully enclosed anti-collision design has a great guarantee for operational stability, and at the same time increases the curved enveloping shape, which is practical and aesthetically pleasing. As a result, the brand's product strength has been greatly enhanced, and the brand image has also been enhanced. Soon after the product was launched, sales volume was already far ahead of the pre-modification products.
This award greatly encouraged the red-tailed fox go-kart. We will not forget the original intention, forge ahead, and make unremitting efforts for the cause of children's karting!

Post time: Jun-03-2019