First, hvfox Karting – the whole series of wonderful!

All of us have a dream in our hearts, to drive a race car and be on a race track.

hvFox number five

Strong power, high performance, ingenuity to create a guarantee. hvFox No. 5 Kart in addition to kart strong power, high performance characteristics, but also increased the external soft bag anti-collision strip, greatly improve the safety and durability of the product.



Product iteration: Sandian independent research and development, with patent certificate. Curve recognition: According to the change of electrical signal, automatically identify the curve.

Double motor, double electric control: form an independent and mutually compatible drive system, efficient matching driving environment.



Parent-child Kart: High appearance level sports style. Parent-child kart is a go-kart that parents and babies can drive together. It not only cultivates the keen observation ability of babies, improves the coordinated response ability of body and mind, but also enhances the relationship with parents and children to progress and grow together!



Teen kart: A recreational trolley car. Red Tail Fox teen kart series, also known as the low-speed version of adult Kart, maximizes the driving experience comfort while ensuring its safe speed driving. Young people can train their carding not afraid of hardships and setbacks, and the courage to fight the spirit and good psychological quality. Kart driving can exercise agility, and the brain, eyes, hands and feet and other parts of the body good coordination, is the best choice to exercise the spirit of courage

Post time: May-05-2023