Fox travel scenic intelligent scooter research and development process, with experience on behalf of strength

Company to electric vehicle research and development, manufacturing, sales and operation. It is committed to building a leading travel brand in the scenic spot, becoming a full-case service operator in the scenic spot, providing two categories of vehicle operation services and supporting facilities services in the scenic spot: go-kart [red-tailed fox] and mobility scooter [fox travel].

In terms of products, we are committed to the development and implementation of operation and maintenance management + Internet of Things mode. We have our own scientific and technological research and development team. In the manufacturing process, exquisite welding process is adopted to improve the vehicle carrying capacity, climbing performance and safety protection system.

On the system, the vehicle operation management is digital, intelligent and refined. With the help of mobile APP/ mini program, it can realize vehicle management (starting, positioning, speed adjustment, etc.), user management, financial management, operation statistics and other functions, making the operation of scenic spots more convenient and intelligent.

At present, it has cooperated with many 4A and 5A scenic spots to provide high-quality products and professional and satisfactory services for scenic spots and tourists. Nowadays, more and more scenic spots have “fox 

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Post time: May-24-2023