HVFOX karting Qingdao League – Wuyue Opening Match ended successfully!

On May 28th, HVFOX Karting Qingdao League - Wuyue Opening Match! There were more than 100 people directly participating in this competition, and a total of 35 contestants entered the final. Many children have participated in many kart competitions held by the red-tailed fox, so the scene is orderly! The atmosphere at the scene was hot for a time, and the parents were watching the game with all their attention! Looking forward to your child's good results!

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This competition will stage a competition of speed and passion on the track, giving the racers a flying driving experience! Before the competition started, the children had already started to prepare, lined up in the order of the competition, and the parents cheered and encouraged their children not to be nervous and to calmdown.

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competition rules
1Double-lap high-speed obstacle course: During the competition, the organizing committee will set up six groups of obstacles. Participants choose their own routes. They cannot collide with obstacles. One second is added to the collision.Contestants will set off in the order of sign-in. The final ranking will be made according to the time used in the competition.
2The speed of this double-lap high-speed obstacle course is unified at 25KM/h
3The kart this time is HVFOX No. 6.

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race schedule
The kart has been continuously optimized and upgraded by HVFOX. From the first generation of cars to the sixth generation of cars in this competition, the performance has been continuously improved, and the safety has become stronger and stronger. During the competition, the safety of children can be guaranteed, so that children can Ride freely on the track!

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After the race started. Under the guidance of the coach, the contestants put on helmets, fasten their seat belts, and the coach adjusted the speed. After the children were ready for the competition, they gave an order, and the little contestants stepped on the accelerator and rushed out. During the competition, the children need to concentrate 100% of their attention. Proficient in driving speed and the ability to flexibly handle corners. Many children are very proficient in driving skills, and their cornering skills are very accurate. Some children still need to continue to work hard to learn driving skills. I hope that all the children can become little racers with the company of the HVFOX

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After two hours of fierce competition, the championship, runner-up and third place came into being. Let us congratulate the top three winning little racers! HVFOX prepared generous gifts for the winning children

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Post time: Jun-09-2022