New store opening The popularity of the Red-tailed Fox Karting Club in Gudian is coming.

New store opening


The popularity of the Red-tailed Fox Karting Club in Gudian is coming.
On July 31, the main creative team gathered at Colorful Yunnan Happy World to celebrate the opening of the ancient Yunnan red-tailed fox karting project.
Mr. Zhang Huanpeng, Co-founder of Red-Tailed Fox Brand and Operation Director of Red-Tailed Fox, Mr. Yang Chao, General Manager of Gudian Marketing Management Center, Mr. Qin Yao, General Manager of Happy World Business Unit and General Manager of Gudian Safety and Quality Supervision Center, Gudian Marketing Management Mr. Bao Sunwei, Director of Cultural Industry Development and Investment Promotion of the Center, Mr. Yang Yu, the representative of the parents of the members of the Gudian Red-tailed Fox Karting Club, and Mr. Deng Junjie, Manager of the Red-tailed Fox Scenic Area Division, jointly cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony!
The main creative team is the first to experience the joy of karting

team 2
Since the start of the trial operation, it has continued to achieve high profits
Since July, the national scenic spots have gradually recovered, and the red-tailed fox has also entered the market in time to take advantage of this wave of tourism, and has become an eye-catching top student in cultural tourism this year.

Since July 22, the club has been put into trial operation, and the daily passenger flow has steadily increased. As soon as various discount cards are launched, they are eagerly snapped up by customers. The highest single-day turnover has reached 15,000+, and the cumulative turnover has exceeded 13 today. Ten thousand.

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Even late at night, customers are still enthusiastic

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Gudian Red-tailed Fox Karting Club is located 300 meters east of the ticket gate of Colorful Yunnan Happy World. Under the sunshine of colorful Yunnan, the red-tailed fox is determined to carry all the passion and love of customers this summer!

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The club covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters, and has set up a long runway, dozens of professional-grade karts and supporting safety driving equipment, allowing customers to immersely enjoy the speed and passion brought by the rapid advancement of karts in the process of driving karts. At the same time, we also provide customers with a number of professional coaches to escort customers in the whole process of kart driving. The fun and dripping experience goes hand in hand with high insurance security, we are more professional!
The high-altitude expansion in the club has also been completed, which can provide customers with more diverse play items.

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Next step
Which city do you want me to come to?
Where is it, the street corner you are familiar with?
Every step the red-tailed fox takes, is to hope to be one step closer to you.

Post time: Aug-10-2022