The first cup of milk tea in autumn NO The first games of autumn YES


The first cup of milk tea in autumn will only make you fall into the trap of consumerism, but the first sports meeting in autumn will not deceive you. This is a new autumn gift for the children of red-tailed fox members. At the beginning of the school year, you will gain tangible happiness and growth.

This two-week autumn sports meeting is divided into three competitions: karting, high-altitude development and physical fitness. From the middle-level selection of nearly 1,000 contestants, 35 member children entered the final. Follow me below to feel the warm atmosphere of the game!

PART 1 Karting race


Karting races are based on a two-lap time trial format.


While the karting competition is in full swing,

The high-altitude expansion next to the game is also extremely fierce

PART 2 High-altitude development competition

Courage Blessing and Going Forward


The high-altitude development competition takes seven people as a group and adopts a single-lap time trial system.

The high-altitude expansion track is constructed more than three meters above the ground. The biggest difficulty for children comes from their inner fear. The original intention of the project is to train children’s psychological quality to overcome fear and move forward bravely and to cultivate courageous action.


In the process of overcoming many obstacles, the children gradually overcome their fears and gain growth.

PART 3 Physical Fitness Competition
keep your balance, speed up


The physical fitness competition adopts a fixed path timed pass system


keep the love and sail away

After two weeks of intense competition, we have decided on the final three winners with wonderful gifts.

The two-week autumn sports meet came to a successful conclusion.


Post time: Sep-21-2022